aries: fearless as hell
taurus: reliable as hell
gemini: talkative as hell
cancer: dependable as hell
leo: powerful as hell
virgo: smart as hell
libra: friendly as hell
scorpio: strong as hell
sagittarius: real as hell
capricorn: loyal as hell
aquarius: weird as hell
pisces: nice as hell

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"Oh well, I suppose she’ll just have to burn!"

—Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother when told by staff that Princess Margaret refused to get out of bed during one of the fire evacuation drills at Buckingham Palace. (via royalbloopers)
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Simpsonized Duchess Kate 

Copyright © aleXsandro Palombo

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cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat

this cat lives in a show horse barn which is why it walks and runs that way

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Hobbiton is a real place.

RIP Robin Williams, defender of dreams.

omg, my heart

his fierce empathy

we need more people like that

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Kate Middleton’s reaction to beating Prince William in a sailing race in New Zealand.

Bow down

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Captain Harry Wales on the perils of peeing while flying the Apache

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Princess Estelle attends her first day of preschool.

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princess estelle’s first day of school (august 25, 2014)

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I know my grandmother and grandfather are very fond of her. They thought she was just right for William. My grandmother liked Kate as soon as they met. They both adore her." - Zara Philips

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