So people complain constantly that William neglects his duties. Now he has taken on a high profile foreign tour at the last second and people are complaining that he’s being selfish by leaving his sick wife behind. This is a clear case of the cambridge’s inability to do anything right in some people’s eyes.

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october 31st: SPOOOOOOKKKKKY!!!!!!!!!!! buy candy and scaaaary costumes here!!!
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Victoria, Daniel, Willem-Alexander and Maxima in Greece (2010)

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take no shit 2014

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"@ClarenceHouse: The Duchess of Cambridge will no longer visit Malta this weekend. The Duke of Cambridge will undertake the visit instead #RoyalVisitMalta"

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Prince George plays with a ball in the park under the watchful eyes of his Nanny

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"We all think he is wonderful and we are extremely fond of him. They make a lovely couple, they are great fun to be with, and we’ve had a lot of laughs together. We wish them every happiness for the future.

— Michael Middleton.

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After spotting tearful 5 year old Isabelle Nixon, who was unable to see the stage and blocked in by other fans at the Invictus Games closing ceremony, Harry came to the rescue! He hoisted her on to his shoulders and then stayed to dance with her as the Foo Fighters took to the stage.

“Isabelle now says she’s a princess and tells all her friends she danced with ‘Uncle Harry’,” said her mother Taryn. “Her was the perfect gentleman and made everyone’s day, especially Isabelle’s.”

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I’m gutted that Kate isn’t going to Malta but I’m glad they took doctors advice seriously and she’s going to have a chance to get better.

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After Crown Princess Victoria had dropped off her little girl at school, she went to meet the Swedish rowing team today.

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